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Mikazuki elementary school
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Our kids' reporter group consists of some volunteers of Mikazuki elementary school' Personal computer club.
We introduce wonderful sight seeing sites and historical spots of our Mikazuki town. We are sorry we can't show you all of our town here. Be sure to visit to our town some day.


Mark of our town

"Mikazuki "means a new moon
Flower of our town is a chrysanthemum.
Tree of our town is a maple.


50min. from Himeji city by Kishin-sen(train)
40min. from Himeji city by car
10min. from Sayou I.C.(Chugoku superhighway) by car

The symbol of Mikazuki town is the illumination of a star and a new moon. The illumination is on the slope of Mt. Sanbori which is north of Mikazuki elementary school. A star and a new moon are illuminated brightly at night. A shooting star is lighted on and off at 7&8p.m.

This is our Mikazuki elementary school.The school building has been rebuilded for last 2 years. And it became bright and beautiful!

This view is the center of our town and our friends playing on the playground. (This photo was taken from school building.)

Because the rebuilding construction started soon after the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earth quake, there are many assists to stand against any earthquake in our school building. (This photo was taken from the corridor inside of school building.)

The design of our school building is rare in western Japan. It looks artistic but we feel strange a little.(This photo shows appearance of our school building.)


We introduce some good sight seeing spots!



<Ajiwaino Sato:Mikazuki>
(hand made food shop)

This shop consists of 3 sections : hand made factory, shop and restaurant. Miso(beans paste),Konnyaku(one of japanese tradeitional food) , Jam, Wine, Eggplant pickles, Soybean candy, Buckwheat cookies,@Japanese tea and Honey are made and sold here. All food are made from the products of our town' agriculture. So they are healthy and safety.

<Moku Moku Mura>
(wood craft center)

There are good facilities where you can experience making woodcraft, china and charcoal. You can make your work by your own imagination. The rent and material price are cheap. An instructor can advice kindly if you wish.

<A vineyard of Mikazuki highland>

A vineyard is at a height of 300 meters. Grape juice and Kougen(highland)wine" are born in cool climate. They are made from Mascat and Berry-A(kinds of grape).Their aroma and mild taste are very popular. Mikazuki highland Festival is held in every October. Many peoplefrom many places visit here .


<Kenkouno Sato:Mikazuki>
(facilities for our health)

Here are gymnasium and hot spring. In gymnasium, there are all-weather@gateball courts and training room where many kinds of training machines@are set. Old and young people use here for their health. Especially hot@spring is very popular. There are the bath with jet and the sauna. Many people refresh themselves with this hot spring.

<Sanbori Park>

Sanbori Park is on the top of mountain north of Mikazuki elemantary school. There are the circle field and the jogging course around the@field. Adults and children use here on holiday for their health. Around@the field ,they enjoy together with playthings of athletic and flower garden.
Kids' reporter group posed for this picture!


<Higiri -Jizo>

Jizo is the statue in the shape of child. At the begining of 19th century(Tenpo of Edo era),a official person of Mikazuki-Han(like a prefecture in Edo era) brought back Jizo from Edo(Tokyo) and had faith in this Jizo. This is the origine of Higiri-Jizo. It is said that a man make a wish on decided day a wish come true. Many people of our town and other places believe in Higiri-Jizo. The Festival is held on August 23rd & 24th. It is as big as the Festival of princess Sayou in Sayou county.

<Big tree(Aphananthe) of Mikazuki town>

This big tree seems to be the symbol of our town. It is estimated 800 years old. The length of around the trunk is about 9.9 meters and the height is 19 meters. This big tree is designated as a natural monument in 1971. The appearance of this tree is the best of all Aphananthe in Japan. Many people visit here to see the big tree through out the year.

<Saimyou temple : the statue of sitting Tokiyori Houjou>

About 700 years ago,5th Shikken(assistant of Shougun)Tokiyori Houjou stayed here for 3 months during his training trip of Buddhism.This is the origine of this town called Mikazuki. Saimyou temple dedicated to the wood statue of sitting Tokiyori Houjou which seemed to be made by himself. This statue is designated as most important cultural prosperities.

<Kouzou temple>

This temple was built by the priest Gyouki in 725.This is one of the oldest Temple of Shingonsyu(one of religion) in our county.The ancient owner of Mikazuki-Han(like a prefecture in Edo era)was Mori Family. This

temple is dedicated to Mori Family. This temple is the branch of Ninna temple in Kyoto minuro. A woods of Castanopsis in this temple is designated as a natural monument by our town.


<The tree of a bow(big Aphananthe)>

It is said that Gotoba Jokou(retired emperor) took a rest here with his bow hunging this tree in 1221 during his moving to Oki island. It is estimated more than 1000 year old.


This shrine was built here in Heian era.This shrine prospered with largeteritory and prospection of Akamatu Family in Kamakura era. From Edo eria this shrine have been kept by Mori Family.

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