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Welcome to our homepage of

Rikan Elementary School!

We are the members of the Computer Club
of Rikan ElementarySchool.

This is the homepage we worked up for the first time to show you our school and town. We hope you enjoy this!

Our schoolhouse. (Can you see the Ruins of Rikan Castle on the mountain behind?)

The wall painting on the schoolhouse.(You can get a good view of it from the trains of Chizu Railway.)


The dining room.( We enjoy our lunch time all together.)

The stained glass in the dining room.

We have 4 workrooms like this.

Our school buses.( We have 3 buses and some children take 2buses from far.)

The computer room.( 22 computers are provided.We can use them for our activities after school hours from Monday through Friday, creating animations,playing Japanese chess, watching pictures of CD-ROMs,and so on.)

The library.( It's not an actual room,but an extra space at the corridor.The computer room can be used as a reading room.)

@@We'd like to show you some interesting places
in our hometown.

The Grave of Okiku

The 6 Jizos
( the stone images )

Okiku is a heroine of a Japanese classical ghost story,"Banshu-Sarayashiki". The story at Himeji Castle is famous now, but the legend at our Rikan Castle is the origin,we believe.The grave lies in the backyard of Mr.Toshikazu Funabiki's residence in nagatani.

At the foot of kanakura Bridge across Sayou River,there stand "the 6 Jizos(the stone images)" as the memorial service for convicts who were executed here in the past.This is also known as the place where Musashi Miyamoto,a great swordsman in 16th-17th century,had his first duel. ( 6 Jizos? Who is the 7th strange one on their right?)


( old-fashioned houses along the river)


You can see these old-fashioned houses with warehouses made of clay and merchant houses along Sayou River,in Hirafuku on the Inaba Road.They make you feel an atomosphere of old days.

Opened in May'97 at the place where miuchi Elementary School once existed,the center of miuchi area.


The Waterfall of Ayugaeshi

Opened in May'96 at the place where Ishi Elementary School once was.Many people come and enjoy its medicinal herb bath,dining room,and bedrooms.

In Sayou River about 1km upper from Yu.Ai.Ishii,there is a waterfall called "Ayugaeshi", it means that the ayus(river fish) being blocked their way by this waterfall cannot swim upstream any more from here. About 5km from this point,the Onemi-Takidani Auto-Campground opened in May '97.

How did you like our first homepage? This may not be technically good enough yet,but we're sure we will make further improvement day by day, so please come back again to our homepage! Thank you! Good luck!

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Harima Local History by Kids
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